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If you're ready to celebrate the love of your dog, order them one of our Dog Gift Baskets! They're full of wonderful goodies for your awesome dog! Simple As That. We're helping our customers celebrate their amazing dogs!! If their birthday is near or you simply want to spoil 'em rotten with a gift basket, we're here to provide our kind-hearted, pup-lovin' customers with an impressive celebration package. Our dog gift baskets include 4 Excellent Toys for your pup, a delicious Gourmet Doggie PupCake, Gourmet Treats, and More!

We take great pride in our toy and treat selections. YappyBirthday Gift Baskets contain superior toys and treats, not the low quality items that you find with many other pet gift baskets. We'll help you celebrate your dog's unmistakable love that they show each and every day.

Remove all wrappings and tags from treats and toys so that your pet can safely enjoy the contents :)

If you're looking for a super fun dog party idea, have everyone teach their doggie some new tricks during party time, it's a great time for the whole group! Be sure to order one of our step-by-step trick training books with training treats included.

If the pandemic has you down, celebrate your dog’s special day at the dog park so everyone can frolic in the fresh air and play with all of their special doggie friends. Don't worry if you don't have a dog park, just find yourself a dog-friendly restaurant or cafe, or a doggie day care for your pup's celebration! Smile awhile, it's a Puppy Pawty.

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If your dog would love their own birthday party with a yummy cake or cupcake, we'd be happy to send one. It's a great idea to purchase add on items if hosting a party with multiple pup friends or pup siblings to include gourmet treats for everyone and help prevent hurt feelings. By Mail delivery is available to Alabama, AL, Montana, MT, Nebraska, NE, Arizona, AZ, Nevada, NV, Arkansas, AR, New Hampshire, NH, California, CA, New Jersey, NJ, Colorado, CO, New Mexico, NM, Connecticut, CT, New York, NY, Delaware, DE, North Carolina, NC, Florida, FL, North Dakota, ND, Georgia, GA, Ohio, OH, Oklahoma, OK, Idaho, ID, Oregon, OR, Illinois, IL, Pennsylvania, PA, Indiana, IN, Rhode Island, RI, Iowa, IA, South Carolina, SC, Kansas, KS, South Dakota, SD, Kentucky, KY, Tennessee, TN, Louisiana, LA, Texas, TX, Maine, ME, Utah, UT, Maryland, MD, Vermont, VT, Massachusetts, MA, WY, Virginia, VA, Michigan, MI, Washington, WA, Missouri, MO, Wyoming. Minnesota, MN, West Virginia, WV, Mississippi, MS, Wisconsin, WI.

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